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Coffe with a view

Café animal

Have you ever had coffee next to a turkey? Here is your chance 🙂 

In this unique coffee place you sit eye to eye with turkeys, rabbits and more.
“Café Animal” is a charming, little coffee place that is connected to the petting zoo Daladyrd in the North of Iceland.

Snacks at Daladýrð, Akureyri
Hot chocolate with cream
Located only a 20-minute-drive from Akureyri, on the way to the popular Myvatn area and Húsavik, “Café Animal” invites locals and tourists to unwind and relax while eating the famous “Café Animal-waffles”.

But there are not only animals to meet, “Café animal” is also full of history – old farming equipment is decorated all over the walls, matching the old-style furniture. Also a small shop with local products and clothing such as the Icelandic “lopapeysa” (wool sweater) is part of “Café Animal”.

Let´s pet
One of the hardest workers at “Café Animal” is without negotiation “Bjartur”. The fluffy Icelandic sheep dog makes sure to great every one in person as soon as you park your car.

The other 2 employers – the cats  “Brandur” and “Brandur” don’t take it as seriously and spend most of their time napping. However, they love a gentle pet by the guests.

Strákur og hundur
farmer, baker and history guide

Guðbergur Egill Eyjólfsson called “Beggi” will be your waiter at “Café Animal”….

When he is not baking waffles, he is a farmer, animal lover and former horse trainer who is happy to share his knowledge about farming and sheep breeding. Don’t hesitate to ask him any question.

  • Location: Brúnagerdi – 607 Akureyri (20 minutes from Akureyri, 60 minutes from Myvatn and Húsavik)
  • Entre fee: there is no fee to enter “Café Animal”. Entrance free to the petting zoo: 1.500 kr for adults  / 1.100 kr for children 3-11 years
  • Opening times:  Daily 11:00 -18:00 in October.


Open daily 11:00 -18:0

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