Icelandic animals

Meet & Pet our animals


Petting Zoo for the whole family

The petting zoo Daladýrð is located in Brúnagerði which is in Fnjóskadalur. Only a 15-minute-drive from Akureyri.
Open from April – October 2021

Daily opening hours:
11:00 – 18:00

Price list:
3 – 12 years: ISK 900
13 or older: ISK 1.300


Our animal family consists of:

Horses, sheep, goats, rabbits, cats, dogs, pigs, cows and foxes. As well as various chicken breeds (such as Icelandic, German, Italian & Bramha) and broilers.

The variety of animals changes due to the different seasons

In spring and summer, Daladýrð is full of baby animals 🙂

Each year we add new animals every year.

Please, do NOT feed the animals. For the following reasons: it creates tension between them, they start to fight and can hurt each other. Animals want to have things in order. Those animals that are not out to graze, have mealtimes twice a day.

If they are irregularly or constantly fed, they become restless because they are always waiting for food.

Our animals get fed at 13.30 and guests are welcome to help to give them something to drink.

Under normal circumstances, those animals who want to be petted, may be petted 🙂

Some parts can even be entered and the animals may be held.

In restricted conditions, the animals may unfortunately not be touched.

The rules in Daldýrð are that guests are in second place. Our animals always come first and must be treated with respect – never with fear or noise.

Cats and kittens are popular and we have two cat cages that are open every hour at a time, so the cats get enough rest. 

There is always an employee at the cats to make sure that everything goes well and help.

our cats & Kittens


Cats and kittens are popular that is why we have two enclosures for them which are open every hour at a time to make sure that the cats get enough rest.

The cats that live in Daladýrð are Rósa, Lísa and Pikkatsjú and then the brothers Brandur & Brandur.
The kittens stay with their mothers in

Daladýrð during the summer and find a new home in autumn.

There is always an employee with the cats to offer help and make sure that everything goes well.

Icelandic craft art

Daladýrð also has a specially selected variety of Icelandic handicraft that is made from raw materials,  agricultural products as well as artefacts that are reminiscent of the countryside.

Most of the artists and designers are from the immediate vicinity of Daladýrð. Nevertheless, a few of them are from other parts of the country.

Daladýrð - Family Petting Zoo

In Daladýrð, families can enjoys quality time, meet the domestic animals and get to know the special Icelandic animals out in the nature. Pet the rabbit, meet the horses, pigs, kittens, sheep,  goats and all kinds of other animals. Jump in the hay and enjoy life. The wildlife in Daladýrð is unique and wonderful. You and your loved ones can fill up here with positive energy and joy – to forget for a short time the complexities of life.  Everyone Welcome!